A Few Words

After the first Gulf War, the city of El Paso wanted to honor the soldiers from Fort Bliss with a parade. Of course it entailed the troops having to march in the parade, so the local Ford dealers decided to provide a box lunch for all 6000 of them.

When asked to do the lunches I of course said yes, and then tried to figure out how I was going to handle it. I sat down and figured out how much product I was going need to order, and when all the items were delivered I realized that there was no way I could prepare and store this much in my existing walk in refrigerator.

I got on the phone and found a rental refrigerated truck(a 28 footer) BIG TRUCK!
picked it up the day before the parade, and myself and my crew went to work.
10 cooks, for 10 hours and the lunches were ready, and in the refrigerated truck.

Whew! ready to go had to be on site at 9am, question what to do about the truck
it was summer time, about 102 degrees out side and it needed to run all night. I finally decided to take it home with me and park it in my driveway.

I even filled a gas can and brought it with me, because I was not sure how long the unit would run, it was my first experience with this truck. As I said it was hot, and all I could think of was food safety, if I gave food poisoning to 6000 soldiers, I might as well pack my bags.

Did not sleep that night I was checking the temperature all night, just like a new mother is checking to make sure the baby is breathing.